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We help retailers, distributors, brands, and manufacturers compete and win on the digital shelf.

Sitation is a solutions and a services company - focused on digital merchandising and product catalog. Our customers range from small-mid market manufacturers to large multi-national organizations.

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Sitation is a solutions and services consulting group, focused on digital merchandising. With solutions to support the composable stack including, middleware, SEO, and data modeling, Sitation focuses on creating an enriching and seamless digital experience for our clients' customers through data driven optimizations.


Solution & Strategy Consulting

Navigating the e-commerce landscape can be challenging. Sitation’s professional services team is adept at helping our clients navigate uncharted waters, building and executing long-term strategies in partnership with your leaders. Solution services include:
  • Implementation
  • Platform Selection
  • PIM & MDM Managed Services

Generative AI for E-Commerce

With countless applications of artificial intelligence in modern e-commerce, Sitation has chosen to focus on digital merchandising solutions to aid in operational efficiency and help you scale. Our most frequently leveraged AI for E-Commerce services are: 
  • AI Content Creation & Translation
  • Site Search & SEO
  • Taxonomy & Attribution
  • Data Mining, Scraping & Extraction

SEO for E-Commerce

Sitation offers breadth of experience, unique tools, and deep expertise in the complex, highly competitive, and data-heavy world of e-commerce Search Engine Optimization.  Sitation can help you with each critical element of SEO to create an outstanding, high performing campaign which adds long-term value. Services include but are not limited to:
  • Content for E-Commerce SEO
  • SEO Benchmarking
  • Rank Tracking and Analysis

Data & Content Services

Sitation is a leader in providing outsourced services for digital merchandising, from short-term business process outsourcing to full-scale, turnkey solutions.
  • Taxonomy & Data Modeling Services 
  • Attribution
  • Product Content Acquisition
  • Product Content Creation
  • Product Content Normalization
  • Data Migration
  • Channel Syndication
  • E-Commerce Site Search

Digital Channel Syndication Management

Find an easy solution to managing your product data syndication with Sitation Managed Services. This right-sized service includes a dedicated team that provides a comprehensive approach to PIM services, managing listings and content in your PIM, trading partners, and retail partners.
  • Manage data listings across all of your PIM, trading partner, and retail partners with one team.
  • Includes SMART goals to help set KPIs for program success
  • Optionally includes supply chain, master item data, and GDSN
  • Dedicated Project Management helps balance strategic sprints for new functionality and program optimizations with day-to-day task triage
  • Offload new item set-up, GLN listings, and product updates and digital assets
  • Leverage AI to create and optimize differentiated digital content across your retail portfolio
  • Leverage AI to review your product catalog for updates in data harmonization, optimized data quality, and consistency 
  • Incorporate retailer scorecard feedback and channel insights into your PIM 


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What is a Jasper Solutions Partner?

Jasper Solutions Partners are marketing agencies, consulting firms and systems integrators who specialize in marketing strategy, branding, technical integration of the Jasper platform and more. We encourage you to review their skill sets and experience to find the right partner for your unique Jasper needs.

Please note: Solutions partners are not Jasper employees, agents, or affiliates and any services you receive will be directly from and the responsibility of the partner, and not Jasper.

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