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VertoDigital: Content AI for Tech Companies


We are a Demand Marketing Agency that helps B2B Tech Startups, Scaleups and Enterprises on their growth marketing journey. 

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North America (US & Canada)

Budget Type

$1,000 to $5,000
$5,000 to $10,000
$10,000 to $25,000


Value-Based Digital Marketing consulting agency for B2B growth-stage companies supported by the leading technology VC funds.

We deliver on:
  • Customer centric solutions. This is the part where we collaborate with our clients to “set the right agenda”.  
  • Reporting value brilliantly – every great result we achieve has to have a ‘so what?’ to actually be great.
  • Data consultancy for extracting the most value from the available data.
  • Partner first approach – we’ve partner with the best-in-class technical solution vendors, working closely and aiming to maximize the value of the licenses
  • Privacy first growth for the cookieless world


SEO Service

At VertoDigital we have you covered when you need to deliver on your key business milestones like M&As, a product launch or sunset, or to meet your organic growth targets. 

We can provide technical expertise, strategic SEO consulting and advanced organic reporting.

We measure performance to maximize your organic visibility further and use 360 reporting to manage and improve your business's organic visibility.

Content Marketing Service

Transform your digital presence with the help of our SEO and content experts. We can provide holistic end-to-end content strategies based on your content production plan and resources. 

This can be tailored and include various content production formats such as: 
  • Hybrid Content Production - utilizing both AI and Copywriters
  • Internal Content Production - utilizing your internal content team 
  • External Content Production - utilizing end-to-end sourcing and management of external copywriters

Website Migrations and Redesigns

In case of migration, redesigning, launching, or sunsetting a significant portion of the website, we will provide the necessary SEO support to ensure optimal preservation of the organic traffic. 

We will become an SEO extension of your execution team ensuring that the project is aligned to SEO best practices through all milestones.

We will aim to minimize any potential downsides of this web project and ensure that all optimization opportunities are taken care of. We will provide traffic assessments prior to and post-project completion. 

Jasper Integration & Support

VertoDigital can provide end-to-end support and enable your team to utilize the full potential of the Jasper AI Platform. 

We will tailor a custom strategy for Jasper Integration according to your business needs and your available resources to provide the best possible solution for your organization. 

Our team can support you with various initiatives such as workshops, training, platform demos and strategic guidance to help you utilize the full capabilities of Jasper.

Technical SEO Service

We offer comprehensive technical support for small to large B2B websites. Our team of specialists provide expert technical SEO consultancy to optimize and improve your website. 

We can resolve any existing technical issues  including: 
  • PageSpeed Optimization
  • Crawlability
  • Indexation 
  • Schema Markup 
  • Metadata


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North America (US & Canada)

Budget Type

$1,000 to $5,000
$5,000 to $10,000
$10,000 to $25,000